Hey, I'm Ch Daniel

I run a couple of online businesses under the holding company CH Group, alongside my brother David.

Find me on: Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit.

I'm Currently Working On
CH Group
Holding company with my brother David
Holding company with PreviewX, our partners
Simple.ink (now acquired/exited)
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SaaS founder? Check this 👆
Legit Check By Ch
Moderating Reddit SaaS
The Usual SaaSpects (podcast)
Projects I'm Not Working On Anymore
I founded Chagency as a design agency that helps SaaS owners reduce user churn. Chagency came as an extension of my graphic design freelancing work I used to do. Currently Chagency is not something I work on anymore, as the projects I've built took more and more of my time.
I wrote every day for 9 months as I built the blog of Chagency. You'll still be able to read the full track record of those 9 months which, to me, served as my "internship" into writing. I wanted to improve my writing skills and considered that writing daily for an undetermined period of time will improve my writing.
Chagency GSF (Get Startup Funding)
Get Startup Funding was a sub-website I made for Chagency which gathered successful and unsuccessful of VC pitch decks. On the website, you'll find a curated library of the very decks used by Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Intercom, YouTube etc.
Confirmer is an app I co-founded that helped sneaker enthusiasts secure their pair of Adidas sneakers. It was a one-time project as we believed Adidas would eventually move on from what our app helped users train for. To put it shortly: Adidas countered the massive demand for their shoes by providing a captcha-like game on their app (Adidas Confirmed). Confirmer, this app, helped people train for that little game — it made a ton of difference as there were many thankful emails!
+ other projects...
I used to have a better-designed version of my website. Due to time constraints, I didn't manage to keep re-designing it, but wanted to save it. If you're curious:
Past version of this website