My name is Ch Daniel and I'm building a legacy
I'm a SaaS business owner, designer and writer. Below you'll find everything that I focus on, along with past projects.
This article by Ch Daniel outlines a lot of Cloudflare’s freemium strategy and experience. 👍👍
Matthew Prince, CEO 
I loved this article, because I think the exact same way.
Aytekin Tank, CEO
Ch Daniel is one of our favorite SaaS writers around right now. While a lot of SaaS bloggers tend to attack the “easy” and most commonly discussed topics, Daniel never fails to forge into new territory, or shed new light on tired old discussions.
Sage Duvall, Writer
"The advice in this article works. Build something that provides some useful utility to people, and give as much away as you can."
Jamieson Becker, CEO
I'm Currently Working On
CH Group
CH Group is an overarching brand for 3 tools that help remote teams innovate. Having an overarching brand is part of our philosophy (read on our blog about it). Most of my time is currently spent on building the CH Group, as well as writing on its blog.
CH Group's Blog
This is the main place where I currently write. We have strong opinions on software and are focusing on sharing our views on SaaS. Over here, we'll share the philosophy upon which we're building our products. Many disagree with us, but many are also on the same page with us.
Layered Ink
Layered Ink is a new way to write essays, to teach or maybe even to think. It's our first tool published under the CH Group overarching brand and we believe it's essential to remote workers: if you're forced to write the tweet-length version of your idea, the full version of your idea and everything in-between — that'll make you a good writer. And being a good writer is crucial in remote teams.
Synergy is a tool that helps transparent companies become a meritocracy. Decisions are either averaged out in a democratic vote, or they're taken by someone higher in the hierarchy, which doesn't always mean they are the best person to make the decision. Through Synergy, teams hedge the weakest skills of people and amplify the top skills of people. Synergy is a tool that allows the peak-performance version of a team to make decisions.
PriceUnlock helps SaaS founders find & set the perfect pricing for their product. Stop leaving money (and growth %s) on the table. Run pricing tests with less risk and more upside. Charge different prices based on the user's country.
Legit Check By Ch
Legit Check By Ch is an authentication company for streetwear/high-end luxury items: sneakers, bags, watches, clothing pieces. Initially launched as an app that went from 0 to 200K users in its first year, we've now reached over 6M unique users.
The large majority of our audience reads our public fake vs real comparison guides that are free and will be free forever. A small subset makes use of our bespoke, white-glove authentication service. We're purposefully not leveraging this traffic with short-term-profitable activities, such as ads or charging for content. Rather, we're enjoying the moat we've built by offering these free guides to help the community: no one deserves to be scammed with fake items. I'm currently not involved that much in Legit Check By Ch, as my brother, David, is running things there.
Legit Check By Ch Organizer
The Legit Check By Ch Organizer is a tool that helps resellers organize their business and thus create a valuable network. I'm not currently involved in LCBC as I'm focused on building the Organizer.
Reddit SaaS
I'm also moderating /r/SaaS, a community meant for SaaS indie hackers, business owners or SaaS enthusiasts. I'm aiming to keep this community as niche as possible, as I believe SaaS owners need a place of their own — a network where they can get in touch with other business-people or techies like them.
Projects I'm Not Working On Anymore
I founded Chagency as a design agency that helps SaaS owners reduce user churn. Chagency came as an extension of my graphic design freelancing work I used to do. Currently, Chagency is not something I work on anymore, as the projects I've built took more and more of my time.
I wrote every day for 9 months as I built the blog of Chagency. You'll still be able to read the full track record of those 9 months which, to me, served as my "internship" into writing. I wanted to improve my writing skills and considered that writing daily for an undetermined period of time will improve my writing. Currently, I write on the CH Group's blog, so if you find anything I said interesting, make sure you see my new posts there.
The Attention Podcast
I hosted a podcast for 13 episodes with a dear friend of mine, Iacob (Jake). We're not currently recording any new episodes, but we might get back to it one day.
Chagency Get Startup Funding
Get Startup Funding was a sub-website I made for Chagency which gathered successful and unsuccessful of VC pitch decks. On the website, you'll find a curated library of the very decks used by Uber, Facebook, Airbnb, Dropbox, Intercom, YouTube etc.
The Ideas Centre
I created this place where I put out the ideas that I've had, which I'd want to see out there in the world, but which I can't pursue. Whether they are good or not — I don't know. I myself oscillate between calling them dumb or wonderful. However, I felt like putting my problems (along with my take on how a solution could look like) is better than keeping them in my head.
Confirmer is an app I co-founded that helped sneaker enthusiasts secure their pair of Adidas sneakers. It was a one-time project as we believed Adidas would eventually move on from what our app helped users train for. To put it shortly: Adidas countered the massive demand for their shoes by providing a captcha-like game on their app (Adidas Confirmed). Confirmer, this app, helped people train for that little game — it made a ton of difference as there were many thankful emails!
The 1 Minute Club
The 1 Minute Club was an event meeting I implemented myself locally, but which can be replicated in any place really. It connects smart brains and exchanges ideas on rapid-fire. Read more about it here.
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