Heel Stripe

As pictured below, the heel stripe isn’t transparent enough on the fakes. This flaw is noticed on the blue, orange and yellow colourways, as blacks, reds and greens have this stripe in black.


  Turning around the insole reveals two major flaws: The ® inscription is wrongly engraved/embossed on the fakes The hexagon pattern is not present on the fakes – they are rather circles Below is another top version of replicas for this model – even though they have … Continue readingInsole

Stripe (Blue Tint)

Look at the second stripe, the one below the mirrored “SPLY-350” text. Notice how on the authentic example, this stripe is curving towards the end, while on the fake pairs it’s almost straight.

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Primeknit (Blue Tint)

One new feature on the Blue Tint’s primeknit is the faint grey vertical marks on the second stripe (the one sitting under the text stripe). The problem with the fakes is that they either don’t have them or they are not visible enough. I highlighted … Continue readingPrimeknit (Blue Tint)

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Size Tag (Blue Tint)

Short version (TLDR): look at 1, 2, 6 and 10 1 – Notice the spacing between the lines and the text. “JP” is almost touching on the fake tag, unlike the authentic tag. Font is also different, being a little bit bolder on fakes (look … Continue readingSize Tag (Blue Tint)

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Two possible flaws when it comes to the lateral text: Too stretched out – easy to notice if you look at “P” or “L” 2. The letter “Y” is wrong, resembling a “V” rather than a “Y”

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Boost (Frozen Yellow)

First thing to look out for is the marks on the boost – the three-striped circles on the fakes and multi-striped on the retail pairs. On reps, they are arranged so as to form a cross and 7 of them are fully visible, while on … Continue readingBoost (Frozen Yellow)

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