Size Tag (Beluga 2.0)

Short version (TLDR): look at 2, 3, 7 and 11 1 – Extra spacing between “M” and “A” in “MADE” on fakes 2 – Spacing between “US UK FR JP CHN” row and the two lines is messed up. Notice how “US” and “UK” touch … Continue readingSize Tag (Beluga 2.0)

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Extra Thread

If you see anything like this small extra thread, it’s an instant giveaway for one of the most popular replica factories for Yeezys. So far, I’ve found this thread on Creams, Zebras, Frozen Yellows and Beluga 2.0. Please note that the thread is orange on … Continue readingExtra Thread

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Size Tag (Frozen Yellow)

I will cover two comparisons, depending on the production month. Some pairs are made in September 2017 (09/17), some in October (10/17). I couldn’t find any fakes having the 09/17 text but they will probably emerge. 1 – Extra spacing between “M” and “A” in … Continue readingSize Tag (Frozen Yellow)

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Pull Tab (Frozen Yellow)

Although these fake manufacturers boast high-quality replicas, their version has a dead giveaway: notice the red dots on the pull-tab. Those are supposed to be peach-pink coloured. Also, very easy to notice is the general colour of the shoe – the shades on authentic pairs … Continue readingPull Tab (Frozen Yellow)

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Box (Frozen Yellow)

Be aware that this comparison is for US boxes. Fakes with EU boxes haven’t surfaced yet but if you have doubts I’d recommend the barcode scan test (click me). 1 – Text size and placement differences for the colourway, “ORIGINALS” and “MADE IN CHINA” lines. 2 … Continue readingBox (Frozen Yellow)

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Middle Stitching

Notice the way the middle stitching looks on both shoes. On the real pairs, it’s visibly better and smaller. Also, when you look at them from above (pictured below), the middle stitching should curve a little bit on the exterior side. Have a look at … Continue readingMiddle Stitching


Although it used to be the go-to detail you’d check, nowadays it’s just harder (but not impossible) to authenticate by looking at the boost. Four red flags: As highlighted, fakes have a “ghost” boost dot that shouldn’t be there. Boost dots are too close on … Continue readingBoost

Suede Patch

Notice the distance between the suede patch and the sockliner. Subtle difference but an important one nonetheless. Also, the patch is rougher on retail pairs and scruffier. Two important notes about the patch: The colour may vary due to lightning It’s harder to take this tell … Continue readingSuede Patch

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This may look like too much for the usual user but a lot of people are going crazy over analyzing their shoes. Another flaw found on the fakes is that the pattern on the side doesn’t curve enough. Pictured below is a comparison between one … Continue readingPattern