Heel Bump (Shape)

The main flaw of fakes of this shoe is the shape. More specifically, they miss the a bump in the heel. Fakes have that area too straight. See photos below for a better explanation.

Interior Lining

The ankle lining of the shoe is of a different colour and material on the fake. It should be, just like in the picture, golden and nappy.


Highlighted is a wrong color for the blue stitching on the front and the back of the shoe. However, I also want you to pay attention to overall stitching and compare the pair you’re analyzing…

Swoosh Patch

The brown swoosh patch has a wrong shape on the fakes. Also pay attention to the placement of the golden swoosh and the stitching that’s outlining the patch.

Glue Stains

A general thing to look out for in every fake in fact, glue stains are more common to appear on this shoe as there are several materials overlapping here.


The insole on the fake is of a different colour and also less reflective/shiny than the authentic one.  

Pull Tab

Notice how the stitching is of a different color on the fake and also have a look at the length of the fake pull tab.  

Pull Tab Text

Depending on the version of the fake (yes, there’s several producers), the text is either not as defined as the authentic one, or not positioned properly.  


The laceholder has a different shape, texture and is of a lesser quality (i.e. more threads coming out of it.

Textured Sole

The sole on the fakes has a texture to it while the authentic one is… smooth? At least smoother – see below to understand  


Authentic tongue is angularly shaped while the fake one is round  

Sole Details

One of the major go-to checks for the fakes on the market right now, the dots on the sole are visibly bigger on the fakes