Boost (Frozen Yellow)

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Yeezy Boost 350v2 Frozen Yellow

First thing to look out for is the marks on the boost – the three-striped circles on the fakes and multi-striped on the retail pairs. On reps, they are arranged so as to form a cross and 7 of them are fully visible, while on the authentic pairs, 9 on them are fully-visible at the base and then 3 more are going vertically upward. Also, some more are partly visible on the sides.

Now, the texture of the boost varies on legit pairs and another comparison will be pictured below (with another type of authentic boost). The difference you should be looking for is the shape of the pellets: on retail, pellets have more of a rounded shape, they’re more “bubbly” (as opposed to the flat boost on replicas) and less defined.

In order to understand, you’ll need to look at the shadows these pellets create and notice how, shape-wise, on fakes they’re closer to resemble a polygon, while authentic boost pellets have more of a rounded shape. Fake pellets are too “cut”.

Here’s another comparison to help you understand better

Yeezy Boost 350v2 Frozen Yellow

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    1. I got a pair that was verified by StockX.
      The right shoe has more rounded Boost, with the correct number of lined circles, but the left shoe has flat Boost with more circles.

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