Extra Tags (350 V2)

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Yeezy Boost 350v2 Butter SizeTag

Left – comes with EU pairs (6 sizes on the box label)

Right – comes with US pairs (3 sizes on the box label)

I haven’t ever seen fakes coming with the tag on the left and I did see with the right tag, but they were very poor. So keep an eye out for

  • printing quality
  • check that they match the size and barcode on the box label (and don’t forget to scan the barcode as well!)

And this should be a big factor in authenticating the pair.

15 Replies to “Extra Tags (350 V2)”

  1. What if they only have the tag behind it but not the actual adidas tag? I looked at everything else for authenticity an everything else checked out

  2. Hey I just scanned the barcode and results game up leading me to goat and stock x , I’ve been looking at minor things of the shoe and they look real according to all researches, just wanted to ask if you can verify to make sure

  3. Just wondering, if european model (left) comes with squared tag rather than rounded, is that indication at all of shoe being fake?

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