Size Tag (Blue Tint)

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Yeezy Boost 350v2  Blue Tint Size Tag

Short version (TLDR): look at 1, 2, 6 and 10

1 – Notice the spacing between the lines and the text. “JP” is almost touching on the fake tag, unlike the authentic tag. Font is also different, being a little bit bolder on fakes (look at “FR”).

2 – This row of digits is touching the line on fakes, unlike the retails.

3 – Different spacing between “L” and “U” in “CLU”. Also, the bottom line of “L” is fatter on fakes. Note: your pair may also come with “APE” text which is also found on legit pairs, so no worry if you have that inscription.

4 – Dot is closer to the block below on the fakes.

5 – “i” in “adidas” is touching both “d” letters, unlike the fakes where it only touches the rightmost “d”.

6 – ® is touching “adidas”. On authentic size tags, there’s some spacing between these two.

7 – Although this text may vary, “3” and “N” are touching on the authentic size tag.

8 – The slash touches both letters on the fakes, while on the real size tag it only touches “M”

Yeezy Boost 350v2  Blue Tint Box LC

9 -This code should match the one on the box (pictured below). Look out for the numeric code, as EAN is written on this label but you could also have UPC there instead.

10 – “MALE/MÂLE” is bolder on the replica size tag. As a consequence, the slash is touching both letters “E” and “M” on the fakes.

11 – If you would be to extend the slash, it would hit the text below in different places. Moreover, a pedantic thing I noticed but worth writing about is the different spacing between “0” and “9” on the two size tags.

12 – “A” inner space is overly-filled on the unauthentic size tag.

13 – Different spacing – on fakes, “I” is slightly further from “H”.

14 – “C” in “CHINA” is thicker on the fake size tag.

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  1. Thanks so much I’ve just found out that both yeezys I had bought off eBay beginning of this year and spent a lot of money on,are fake! I’ve also got one that I won in a raffle that I just compared to the ones I bought on eBay and compared the label inside them and realised there’s a big difference! I wished I had compared it before . Because now it’s to late to get my money back. Also I just bought two new ones off eBay yesterday and compared it and luckily these ones are real! Thanks so much for this. Now I no longer need to go on Facebook asking people to legit check them for me.

    1. really glad it helped you, you’re exactly the people I’ve been thinking about when I started building the app. you can probably still get your money back – open up a dispute on paypal and/or on ebay. in the next months I’ll also do a buying guide and answer FAQ. something like “I realised I bought fake shoes, what now?”

      don’t forget to join the fb group and follow the IG page! and

  2. Hey I love this article! It’s super helpful. I was wondering if different companies that are making fake blue tints will all have these same differences and if any have “perfected” the inside tag that you know of? Or if all fakes of this kind are basically the same.

    1. When I write the guide, I look at all top-tier fakes and list the flaws here, so no need to worry about that. None have perfected the inside size tag

  3. Hey bro i just bought a yeezy blue tint, all the stuff that you mention there was on point but number 7 ( the 3 and N stick ) makes me concern bcz my blue tint tag sizing doesn’t stick, but all the other numbers are authentic ( legit )

        1. Also if my code on the label and outside of the box is 118275719 and is shipped from China is it still legit? Like does the code very from every shoe or is it supposed to be the same for every shoe shipped from China? Thank you!

  4. Can you please give me a legit check on my beluga 2.0. Also in the size tags inside the shoes the last four digits of the number under the upc number are different for each pair?

  5. I have just sent you an e-mail concerning a pair of Blue Tint of whom I am not sure of the authenticity. You would provide to me a great service if you could verify. Thank you very much

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