Tongue Text

Ch Daniel
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The text on the tongue is visibly bolder on the fakes and, although hard to be understood in pictures, it’s not coming out as much as it does on the retail version. So if you would have them side by side and one of them is less embossed, that’s a fake one.

Balenciaga Triple S tongue text legit checking and diffrences between fake and authentic pairs

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Ch Daniel and Ch David


2019-03-30 06:40:09
I have a pair that look absolutely perfect for everything else The tounge text is well embossed but it seems slightly bolder, Do you think they’re legit
Sofia l
2019-01-30 22:43:24
Wondering wether to buy off Depop cos it’s authenticity. Could you have a look and tell me?
Kamiel Cassenaer
2018-12-16 16:50:01
I really dont know if mines are fake or real, is it oke if i send you my shoes?