Print: Galaxy Zip Up Hoodie and Crewneck

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Off-white Galaxy Legit Check

Print is too high on the fake hoodie.

Note: there should be 6 bars on the (pullover) hoodie and 7 bars on the crewneck and zip-up hoodie. Make sure you count how many bars there are on your item (pictured: crewneck)

Off-white Galaxy Legit Check

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  1. Everything is „legit“ (wash tag, neck tag, seeing things tag and the 7 Seven bars), but on the arms at both sides (above a bar) is a „off“ Print. Exactly that from the Front. Is that normal?
    Looks like they used the same printed Material from the front for the arms. On the left arm one bar covers the „off“ a little bit, but not on the other side.
    It‘s hard to explain sorry

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