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This is the support website for the Legit Check App. Download it here (click me).

For any kind of feedback or suggestion, feel free to contact me at or any social media handle at the bottom of the page.

Couple of things you need to know before using the app

  1. The main purpose of this app is not to call out people who wear replicas, but to prevent people from getting scammed.
  2. The higher the demand is for a shoe, the closer the replica will be to the original.
  3. 98% of the fakes will fail the barcode scanner test — the concept is explained in the accompanying article, make sure you give that a read. It will save you a lot of time.
  4. Guides are structured on “tells”. You see them on the menu with the white background and coloured squares (e.g. size tag, box label etc). Buttons are ordered so that the most important tells are higher — this means that usually you should be done with authenticating an item thanks to the first buttons. If you have doubts, see the other tells.

The reason for doing this is that if something’s wrong on a topmost-tier fake, it will probably also be wrong on low and medium tier replicas. Most of the time you’ll stop after the first or second button but if you still have doubts, there are some other things you can check to be sure.

The information found here is based on opinions and knowledge of those sneakers and do not represent any company or brand. Legit Check App, Ch Daniel and any other entities related to this service can’t assume any responsibility as it’s up to the user to use its’ judgement.

We do not encourage the purchase of fakes, as we’re aiming to work against that by offering people the information needed to make sure they buy the authentic version. The reason some of the photos have blurred backgrounds is so that we don’t promote replica sellers’ contact.

Buy safely,
Legit Check App

82 Replies to “Vision”

        1. Can you authenticate my off whites
          Will send the pictures and you can charge me whatever the price is

    1. Hi sir would u help me to check its is legit ? Because last week my friend from other country n buy this yeezy for a gift to me

  1. I suggest adding more sneakers. I downloaded this app because i thought t could help me legit check my vapormaxs. But then realize there is only a few options

    1. for the moment I only managed to write guides for the Nike x OFF-WHITE Vapormax. The app was launched less than two months ago but I definitely plan on adding as many sneakers as possible. Thanks for downloading!

      Join the fb group

      1. Yo I was wondering if u could hook me up with the yeezy boost 350 v2 core red, if u can’t it’s fine. I was also wondering if there are any legit websites that sell hype shoes for a cheap price, because the yeezys I like are very pricy.

  2. Should blue tint yeezy’s have different numbers on the bottom of the inside label? Ones 4100 and the other is 1132


      1. I can’t paste a picture or upload one into the comment box! Is there any other way I can send them?


  3. Need help authenticating off white presto got on eBay seller claims 100 percent authentic passed most of your steps except for box maybe cause if inserts haven’t tried UV lighting I can send pics in email?

  4. Bought my blue tints off StockX (passed their authenticity check) but noticed that the UPC PO# on either pairs are different. Emailed StockX and was told the shoes are manufactured individually, hence not uncommon for the shoes to be of different UPC PO#. Anyone had similar experience?

    1. To clarify, I meant that for the pair I bought, the PO# on my right shoe is different from the PO# of my left shoe. Not sure if this is as common as StockX made it out to be…

  5. I bought some yeezys and looked though everything on that app to if they are real or fake and still can’t tell can you help

  6. Hey Guys, at first great App.
    I bought a pair of Off White Presto a few days ago.

    At the beginning i was sure they were real ones, but a few guys told me they think they fake.

    After i checked with your app i am still not sure because most things match the authentic ones.

    Maybe i could send you some pictures so you guys could check them out.

    I appreciate your help.
    Thank you.

  7. before I buy, I there any list of the styles your app covers at present? I read above it only covers some styles..

  8. I found a pair of Miami Hurrican Ultraboost 1.0 literally lying on the street next to the trash. I feel like they have to be fakes but I can’t find anything wrong with them. Can anyone do a legit check?

  9. Can you put all the vans and converses on here also please and thanks this app is also amazing I have heard a lot of my mates talking about it you need to make it a thing where people can register and become a member of your platform.

  10. Hiya could you tell me whether this website is legit? i know its so cheap and saw the weblink isnt secure but swear they have to declare if they’re replicas????


  11. Some guy is selling me off white converse chuck taylor for 190$ and is telling me that its original. Need to check if it is. Need your help. Contact me please

  12. Hi CH Daniel, I was wondering, will there be any jordans later added in this app, I really want to test this out on my pair

  13. hi guys can someone help me with a gradient off white hoodie, im not sure if its real and the seller is asking for a dodgy price after wearing it once i have pictures they arnt the best but the tag is clear and also the front off white logo

  14. Hi guys. I brought the Air Jordan 7 Bordeaux from Ebay, the seller states that it is 100 legit but i have doubt. I have downloaded the app and scan the barcode on the box. but all it lists is other Jordan Bordeux on Ebay it does not say if it fake or not. please help.

    1. Hello there I don’t think this app does Jordan’s bro but I can be wrong you can always go to your local Nike and ask somebody there with knowledge they normally no

  15. Does this app get regularly updated and also .. can’t a company make a fake barcode to match the authentic ? Or is that impossible


    Is this pair legit? Bought one from this website and it looks slightly different from all the pairs I have seen so far. The most obvious one is the swoosh placement. Tip is beyond the tape. and the the second most obvious one is the color of the shoelaces’ sides is way darker. Don’t get me wrong I know the website is reliable. However, seeing glue residue still makes me worried.

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