Authentic tongue is angularly shaped while the fake one is round

Front Block

The colour of the yellow block will vary depending on your colourway. It looks like the squares on this block are engraved rather than embossed. Going deep instead of “coming out”, like on the retail. Check the zoomed in picture below for a better understanding.

Tongue Text

The text on the tongue is visibly bolder on the fakes and, although hard to be understood in pictures, it’s not coming out as much as it does on the retail version. So if you would have them side by side and one of them … Continue readingTongue Text

Heel Text

The placement of the “BALENCIAGA” text on the heel of the last sole is sometimes too low on the fakes. It does vary on authentic pairs but it should be somehow centered – never as low as the one pictured below

Heel Detail

Obviously the colour of this part of the sole will change depending on your colourway but on fakes they’re less defined. Major tell.

Size Text

Size text is inscribed using a thinner font on the fakes. Also make sure it’s relatively centred – never on an authentic pair it should be touching any of the top or bottom lines of the leather panel. Best thing to do is to go find … Continue readingSize Text


The lane between stitching lines is visibly bigger on the fakes, most notably in these two spots I’ve identified. Keep in mind that Triple S is a “complex” shoe that requires more effort than a normal shoe


The first thing you need to look out for when authenticating this model. It’s either Embroidery that is flawed – letters are connected and sloppy craftsmanship Lacking embroidery again, B is too bold on the fake and other letters are flimsy Embroidery is flawed – … Continue reading“BALENCIAGA” Text