A Library Of Pitch Decks Of Famous Unicorn Companies
May 14, 2019

I’ve seen them popping up on LinkedIn. The pitch decks of companies like Uber, AirBnB, Square, Transferwise or what have you.

People like to point at them (and I at least liked looking at them) to see the essence of HUGE companies today — but back then.

A very clean website that is basically a highly-curated collection of PowerPoints (or Keynote or whatever these founders have used to present their stuff)


You’re selling to startup founders? Do this. It’ll get their attention.

Picture credits: Margaret Scrinkl

By the way! This is an example of The Future Of Freemium thesis I’ve written. If the audience of what you sell is startup founders, then you should definitely make this.

Later Update

I thought the Ideas Centre would be like therapy: put your thoughts down somewhere so you can part with them.

I did part with some of them but this specific idea written above (and another one) have been haunting me.

I couldn’t get any peace of mind until the library of pitch decks was alive and running. Please find it here.

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