A Slack Equivalent for China
June 20, 2019

With the news of Slack filing for its IPO and their $16B valuation, this comment came to me in a Hacker News discussion.

Next >$16B opportunity: bring something close to Slack, but that actually works, to China.

China is chat-first culture, but neither DingDing, nor Wechat Work achieved the status that Slack has in the US/EU.

Problems with Slack in China: it’s often blocked, it’s unbearably slow, the apps are not in the stores, it’s Chinese search is lacklustre, it’s UI is centered on “longer” messages but Chinese language is very short so it could be optimized somehow.

100% agreed. And since I wrote about PinDuoDuo being brought to the West, I think it’s nice to reciprocate with a West to China addition.

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