A Social Media Platform Where All You Can Do Is Send Voice Notes
June 18, 2019

I know, voice notes are a recurring theme amongst these posts — but that’s because I’m a huge fan of podcasts (since I’m hosting one as well).

I’ve put absolutely no thought into why this would or wouldn’t work and I don’t intend to.

It’d be something that would be put out there to see if people enjoy it or not. Instagram or Twitch did not have a chance at the conceptual level, by some people’s standards. You know where they are today.

This platform doesn’t have to get 1 million users in a month like Instagram. Who knows whether it’s going to be used. But given how many people are hooked into podcasts (and this hasn’t even started), maybe some of us (myself included) would prefer hearing about what our friends have to say while we walk to a destination, walk our dog or just drive.

Maybe it’s blended. Like an aggregator. You listen to “The Economist” for 10 minutes and the next audio is a tweet-style voice note of 30 sec from a high school friend who… cares to share what she found out today about meditation. Who knows.

I’d give it a chance. UX would be a bit of a challenge since you’d need make it elegantly simple — people will use this when they won’t be able to operate their phone, so the UX would need to alleviate it as much as possible.

On the other hand, there’d be some limitations that may be lifted with time. For instance some headphones function for skipping a “post”, if you don’t vibe with it.

Actually, maybe you are able to integrate the *double tap on AirPod* to skim through posts. Who knows.

It needs to be tried.

Illustration: Laura Kennedy

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