An Addon Through Which Readers Can Point Flaws/Suggestions To An Article
May 14, 2019

People are —— scratch that. WE are much more likely to point out something wrong rather than… you know… just go on with our lives.

Marketers use this as a trick. If it’s within reasonable amounts, they make a deliberate flaw that doesn’t spoil the whole thing just so make people spend more time on it (and/or comments, thus having FB/IG/whatever platform’s algorithm favour your post).

I’d love myself a way to have people who are reading my stuff make suggestions or point out flaws. I’ve seen one or two things like these but they’re not adopted in mass. It means they have some problems.

Maybe Chrome needs to implement it, maybe Medium does (they do offer it to a degree, you can simply comment on someone’s passage of text) or maybe it’s a simple extension or WordPress plugin.

None of these are universal though. We need something universal.

Picture credits: Bas van Breugel

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