An Online Service Where I Can Record A Voice Note And Just Send It Through A Link
May 13, 2019

I love voice notes. I’m short on time.

I don’t have this person’s phone number and have my idea NOW. Instead of asking for the phone number (which he/she might not be comfortable with, due to the dynamics), wait and then lose momentum of my idea, I’d rather just type it.

But if I’d be able to record my voice note on this website and just send him “…”, the other person plays it and that’s it.

And then much like WeTransfer, you can delete them after 7 days — unless they pay for premium. So maintenance costs are not THAT high.

With the advent of voice, surely bigger things could be coming for a very lean startup like this one.

Where would you use it? Email especially, but also on any other platform that doesn’t have voice note capability (Reddit PMs

P.S: At a quick glance the following domains are available:

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