Pinduoduo For The West
May 24, 2019

If the equivalents of western apps were replicated in China (or the east generally), i.e.:

Then western people can replicate eastern products, as long as there’s a fit.

I think Pinduoduo is a better fit for the west than it is for the east, since price sensitivity is a lesser problem here than there.

If you don’t know, Pinduoduo works this way: you, along with a group (either your friends or strangers. Or both), team up together to buy.

Cherries, apples or household items. The purpose? You get them at a cheaper price, since the seller can handle bulk sales better.

Why is it an amazing idea? The network effect for one.

Won’t go any much deeper into it as it’s up to you to see it: if you can’t, then it’s not a good idea for you to pursue it.

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